Top Cambridge Restaurants not to be Missed
November 1, 2019

We have put together a list of the top Cambridge restaurants that are not to be missed. Feel free to tear this page out and use it as your bucket list of restaurants in Cambridge. Tick off each restaurant as you dine there, and maybe mark it out of ten too. We’re pretty sure all these restaurants will score top marks with you though!


If you love living the high life then Trinity is right up your street. Trinity is an oysters and champagne kind of venue. It is the sister of well-known Varsity which is another popular venue in the city. The Trinity is a fabulous place to celebrate your love for your partner, a promotion at work or passing your PhD. Trinity specialises in high-quality meat and fish.

Pint Shop

The Pint Shop is a gorgeous Grade II listed building that was once home to EM Forster. However the Pint Shop is now home to fancy pub grub such as buttered kale, onion and pork bhaji scotch eggs and charcoal-grilled burgers. You’ll find the drinks menu to have everything you need too. In fact the gin menu alone covers three pages! The wine and whisky menus are similar in lengths too. Meanwhile, the regularly changing beers can be found on display at the bar. The Pint Shop has grown so much in popularity that it can be found in Oxford and Birmingham too.

The Old Bicycle Shop

This is a place that tourists would call ‘typically Cambridge’. As the name hints, this restaurant was once a bicycle shop. There are themed bicycle bits and bobs around the restaurant to add to the ‘typically Cambridge’ feel. This is an excellent restaurant for vegans and vegetarians too. We aren’t talking traditional (insert boring) bean burgers. Instead, you can enjoy a wild mushroom and miso ramsen or za’atar crusted tofu kebabs, for example.

Midsummer House

If you’re looking to impress them Midsummer House is for you. It is un- arguably the fanciest place to eat in Cambridge. Not only it is a fabulous location next to the River Cam, but it is also a two Michelin-starred restaurant and has its own Wiki page. If nothing but pure decadence will do, then Midsummer House is hands-down the best place for you.

The Anchor Pub

If you are fancying a laid back afternoon of punt-spotting and casual drinking in the sunshine then try out The Anchor Pub. The Anchor Pub is one of the most popular pubs in the city and is just along the River Cam. This place serves some of the best comfort food done the English Pub way (the only way in our opinion, when it comes to good old pub grub/comfort food). There is a lovely beer garden too so you can sit outside with a glass of Pimm’s and watch the world go by.

The Oak Bistro

The Oak Bistro is perfect if you’re looking for good quality food in the centre of Cambridge, which can be enjoyed outside. The food available at The Oak Bistro includes some big flavours such as beef, duck and halibut. This place is perfect for people that like classic dishes done well. The beautiful walled garden makes for a wonderful outdoor dining area too.

Stem + Glory

This is a vegan-friendly eatery that has two premises in Cambridge. Stem +Glory can be found in Chesterton Road and King Street. These guys treat the turning of plants into enjoyable food as an art form. If you fancy a meal full of everything that is good for you over a glass of wine, opt for the Chesterton Road venue. However for a quick, delicious and super healthy lunch then the King Street venue is the exact place you need.

The Garden Room at The Tamburlaine Hotel

For a classic and elegant afternoon tea there is nowhere better than The Garden Room at The Tamburlaine Hotel. It’s a short walk from the main station in Cambridge and you will not be let down. Hidden inside the modern exterior of The Tamburlaine Hotel you will find The Garden Room. This is where you can indulge in a delicious afternoon tea, while seated on a glamorous velvet sofa and admiring the Victorian wallpaper all around you.

Red Lion at Grantchester

While the Red Lion isn’t quite inside the city of Cambridge, it is walkable from the city centre. The walk to the Red Lion isn’t a short walk, but it is a beautiful walk where you can enjoy views of the Cam, old architecture and the quaint countryside. Do not forget your camera to capture these gorgeous views. The Red Lion can be found in an old thatched-roof cottage where you can dine inside or out. Food-wise, you can expect all your good old British favourites, which are all sourced locally.


This is another venue that is based outside the city centre of Cambridge, but well worth a visit. Graffiti is a venue that prides itself on using local ingredients. It is an award-winning fine dining venue and can be found inside Hotel Felix. If you’re looking to enjoy an afternoon tea away from the hustle and bustle of Cambridge, then book into the Orangery at this venue. You’ll have clotted cream a-plenty.

These are just some of the fantastic eateries that Cambridge has to offer. Of course, there are many, many more – but these are the ones we definitely don’t think you should miss!