Things to do in Cambridgeshire
September 1, 2020

It’s safe to say 2020 has been a tough and life-changing time for the world. However, now that lockdown rules are slowly easing, it’s made us realise we should be spending our time supporting local businesses who need our help, and taking advantage of clubs, shops and landmarks around us, especially the hidden ones.

So, if you’re looking for a new local adventure, I have done some research and collected a few of the best-hidden gems in Cambridgeshire for you to enjoy.


If you and your family love animals, this wonderful family business offers hands-on experiences with a wide variety of awesome animals – Including snakes, lizards, tarantulas, turtles and meerkats! Located just north of Cambridge city in Stretham, you should definitely book to visit this hidden gem!


If this wonderful weather has got you fancying a picturesque nature walk, the Paxton Pits Nature Reserve is a must-visit. Hidden by the A1 in St Neots, this reserve is renowned as a “wildlife-rich mosaic of habitats”, covering 78 hectares of beautiful lakes, riverside, meadows, woodland, reedbed and most importantly, walking routes. This is most popular for locals to enjoy some bird-watching, fishing and dog walking. If you’re visiting for the wildlife, however, you won’t be disappointed. There’s loads to see at Paxton Pits, if you’re patient, it’s likely you will see many beautiful, rare species, including kingfishers, heron, otters, and nightingales.


First of all, this place has an amazing butchers, offering some of the most tender and flavoursome meat you could ever find. There is a variety of different meats, from traditional beef, pork and lamb, to the exotic selection of wallabies, crocodiles and ostriches. It’s definitely worth visiting this wonderful farm which is fast becoming a favourite with all families looking for a great day out.


If you are a lover of Gin, the Cambridge Gin Laboratory is the perfect opportunity for a fun day out making your very own version of the popular spirit and learning all about the history and production of gin. Owned and operated by the world-famous Cambridge Distillery, gather your fellow gin-loving friends and give it a go, try a range of world-class gins and enjoy a class of cocktail-making.


Still popular late into the year, punting isn’t just for tourists – it’s for the locals to enjoy the city of Cambridge from a completely different perspective. Enjoy gliding along the River Cam, passing by beautiful scenery and historical landmarks including the Bridge of Sighs and the Kings College Chapel.