Simple Ways to Help the Environment
November 1, 2019

We are all hearing about the bad state our planet is in. The government are putting plans in place to reduce the carbon footprints of large companies and reduce air pollution from cars, but is that enough? While we can’t single-handedly save the planet, by doing something little we can all help to save the planet, together!

In this article, we have put together some simple ways that you can help the environment because every little thing you do really does make a difference!

Take Your Own Bags

We know how bad plastic bags are for the planet. They take ages to decompose, are regularly thrown away or can suffocate animals who think they might be food. Instead of paying 10p for a bag, take your own bag. You’ll be protecting your bank balance while protecting the planet. There is a brilliant selection of reusable canvas bags out there and supermarkets readily have larger, stronger reusable bags available for you to purchase. Just remember to pop them back in the boot of your car when you’ve emptied them. That way they are always exactly where you need them when you next go shopping.


It is so much easier than ever before to recycle, yet so few people are recycling. Have a spare bin in your kitchen for items to recycle. This way they won’t slip into the main bin by mistake. Take your glass bottles to the local glass bottle bank too. Not only will this help protect your planet, but it will stop your neighbours finding out that you may have had a heavy weekend! Where possible, look for products that can be recycled and use those instead of products that have packaging that can’t be recycled. Lots of coffee, soap, and fabric softener brands are making refill bags that reduce the packaging waste – and it works out cheaper for you too!

Walk, Don’t Drive

Wherever possible walk, instead of driving. We are not suggesting walking to work if it is 15 miles away, but instead of driving to the local shop, take a stroll. The same for the kids at school, instead of driving them to school, take a nice family walk. It’s a great chance to have a chat about the day ahead, to get some healthy fresh air and you’ll get to see other parents too and some of your friends. As with some of our other points, protecting the planet isn’t the only thing you’ll be achieving by walking instead of driving – you’ll be protecting your heart too.

Save Electricity

This can be a really easy one and you can get the whole family involved. Use less electricity in the home. This can be achieved by doing simple things like turning off the TV instead of leaving it on standby or turning the lights off as you leave the room. Changing your normal light bulbs to energy-efficient light bulbs is a great idea too, and has more than a few benefits. Energy-efficient light bulbs will last longer which means they need to changeless. They cost slightly more but last a much longer length of time, meaning they work out cheaper in the long run. They also use less energy which means you’ll be saving money while helping to save the planet. In the summer months make sure the heating is off, and don’t leave fans or the air conditioning on when you’re out. Open the windows and let the fresh air in, instead.

Save Water

As well as saving energy, you should look at ways you can save the planet. You’d be surprised at just how much water is wasted in your household. While it may be hard to change old habits when you do, you’ll be helping to save the planet, and if you’re on a meter you’ll be saving your bank balance as well. You can do some small changes to save water, such as only turning on the shower when you’re ready to get in it, only wash the dishes when you have a full load and don’t turn on the tap until you need to when brushing your teeth.

Read The Magazine

Not only is this magazine fully recyclable – which is a massive plus when you are ready to throw it out, it is also full of loads of stuff you need, but won’t have to print off. There will be bits in this magazine you’ll want to tear out and keep, such as ideas for the Christmas holidays, great days out, top restaurants and more. This will save you having to turn on your computer, wasting electricity, and print what you need, wasting paper. It’s also a great magazine to read when you grab a coffee or have a night to yourself, saving you from buying a magazine that isn’t fully recyclable, or turning on the TV and using electricity.

One tiny step for us, one giant step for the planet when we all join together!