Helping your skin battle the cold this winter
December 1, 2020

It’s reached that time of the year where the temperatures drop and our skin enters a battle of tackling the cold, dry air. Winter should be an exciting season getting ready for Christmas, wrapping up warm in bed with a cup of tea, and let’s not forget it’s a chance for us to go shopping for a stylish, new coat!

Your skin, however, is welcomed by the winter weather with tight skin, rough knuckles, and chapped lips. To show it who’s boss, our Junior Editor, Megan who is also the owner of the beauty blog, Just Megan, has shared her top tips on keeping her skin happily hydrated throughout this cold season.

Consider limiting your shower time and temperature. It’s a lovely feeling taking a long, hot shower after a day in the cold, but your skin is better off with a 5-10 minute lukewarm shower. Excessively hot water can dry out and irritate our hands and body because the heat causes damage to the keratin cells located on the outer layer of our skin. When it comes to washing your face, Megan recommends using cold water from the sink rather than the shower.

When cleansing your skin, try a gentle cleanser. The wrong cleanser can worsen the itchy, dry skin you are in for this winter, so turning it down a notch for the next few months may help. Instead, why not try a fragrance-free, moisturising cleanser or gel.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise! Adapting and maintaining a new skincare routine with winterbattling products is all good and well, but using a moisturiser morning and night is known as one of the best ways to maintain healthy skin during any season. Moisturisers are perfect against the dehydrating effects of cold, dry air, as the dryness will make it s

Winter can really be a brutal time of the year for your lips. The cold air, the chilling wind and heated air inside all conspire to make your lips dry and tight… also known as ‘chapped’. Protect your smooth, hydrated lips with an effective lip balm by your side

And let’s not forget those rough knuckles and the dry skin in between our fingers! Especially during this tough year with COVID-19, we find ourselves washing our hands and sanitising almost everywhere we go now, and the majority of hand sanitisers contain alcohol and chemicals that will further dry out our skin. While keeping our hands clean is a big priority, applying a hand cream afterwards will help to protect your skin.

Keep hydrated. Your skin will become more dry and sensitive when exposed to harsh, cold weather and house heating. Drinking regular amounts of hydrating fluids such as water and green tea have great anti-oxidant and healthy benefits. If you love a warm, relaxing bath, winter is the prime time to indulge in one. It provides all important relaxation, ultimate hydration, and the destruction of those skin-damaging stress hormones. For a hydrating boost, a lot of people would recommend adding in a bath oil to reduce itching and soothe the skin.