From Punk Rocker to Prolific Troubadour: Victor Vellocette’s Music Odyssey
February 1, 2024

Victor Vellocette: a name that defies easy categorisation. Yes, he’s a songwriter, weaving melodies with the golden threads of New York’s Brill Building era. But he’s also a performer, pouring his soul onto stages across the UK and Europe. And beyond all titles, Victor is a story – a captivating narrative of transformation and relentless creative spirit.

Once the frontman of a blistering punk band, Victor felt the final chord ring out in 2016. But instead of silence, there was a surge of determination. With a shoestring budget and a heart full of music, he turned his spare room into a sonic sanctuary. Guitars, drums, synths – they became his tools, his teachers, his companions on a self-taught music masterclass.

The result? VV, his debut album – a treasure trove of songs yearning to be heard. He birthed a label, Retromatic Records, nurtured his music through pre-sales, and finally launched VV into the world, not just digitally, but on tangible cassettes and hand-stamped CDs – each release a testament to his dedication.

Cambridge, his stomping ground, witnessed the electrifying energy of his release show. Albums flew off the shelves, and Victor, fuelled by this first taste of success, hit the road with an insatiable hunger for gigs. Every stage, every corner pub, every festival became a platform to refine his craft, to weave his musical tapestry, to earn the adoration of his growing fan base. Now, Victor’s journey takes another exciting turn. He’s back with later in the year with another new album!

Victor Vellocette is more than just a musician; he’s a testament to the transformative power of passion. He’s an artist who thrives on the raw energy of a live show, a songwriter who paints sonic landscapes with every note, and a storyteller whose every performance leaves you eager to hear the next chapter. So let the music guide you, and discover the magic that unfolds when a punk rocker transforms into a prolific, heart-on-sleeve troubadour – the captivating story of Victor Vellocette.

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