Beamglow Celebrates Progression in Print Industry for International Women’s Day
March 4, 2023

With International Women’s Day this month, Beamglow are celebrating by highlighting two of their team who have fantastically progressed with their careers in the print industry with them.

5th August 2013 – 3rd November 2017
Production Assistant

Katie was a valued member of the Production Assistant team, and in her time in that role, developed a good technical understanding of the work produced at Beamglow. That knowledge and interest in the cartons she was handling daily on the glueing machine, was something Beamglow recognised could be utilised in other areas of the business. When the Creative Assistant role came up, she became an ideal candidate for the role.

Katie: “having worked at the final production stage, on the folder gluer machines at Beamglow, I developed a good understanding of the technical make-up of each of the cartons and decided I would like to take that knowledge further. I found the carton designs interesting, and I was looking for a role that would give me progression. When the creative assistant role in the design studio came up, I immediately decided this would be the perfect role that I was looking for’’.  

7th March 2018 – Creative Assistant

Katie continued to develop her knowledge of the technical aspects of carton design, within the design department, and each of the production steps to produce a high-quality final product. At this critical stage of the process, Katie compiled job specifications, and liaised with customers, making sure when the jobs got to production, all the information was at hand, from ink references to hot foil references. 

January 2020 – Technical Designer

After again continued development and training from skilled staff within the Beamglow team, Katie was promoted to the Technical Designer role, broadening her skillset further. In this role, she has worked with customers on projects, developing, improving, and advising structural carton design. Producing and developing samples on the CAD table and meeting high technical design challenges that are faced on a daily basis within this role.

Joined 3rd November 2014 as Production Assistant

After becoming a strong member of the production assistant team, Michelle expressed interest in other areas of the business that she could expand her skillset and build a career in. The Trainee Ink Technician role was something the business was looking for and Michelle had shown a strong aptitude and work ethic, in her previous role, so was put forward as a candidate. After a successful interview, both Michelle and the business decided she would be the right choice for the role of Trainee Ink Technician.

Michelle: “after working at Beamglow for a few years as a production assistant, I developed an interest in the work that was being produced, and so decided to put myself forward as a candidate for upcoming roles within Beamglow. I was looking for something that would give me a good career base and progression opportunities. The Trainee Ink Technician role was immediately of interest, with a varied and technically challenging skill to learn and develop, with full training given to me from an experienced team at Beamglow”. 

7th January 2019 – Trainee Ink Technician

Michelle was then trained by the skilled staff we had in the department at the time, and completed her training over a 2-year period. During that time, she developed a strong understanding of the science of colour and formulation combinations needed to produce the bespoke colours that Beamglow’s customers require. She learnt every aspect of the department, from equipment used to stock taking and ordering of inks and coatings.

30th November 2020 – Ink Technician

After her in-company training was complete, Michelle became a competent Ink Technician, which is relied upon daily at Beamglow to mix and match the huge variety of inks for all of our printed cartons.

February 2023 – Lead Ink Technician

After 4 successful years within the department, showing an excellent aptitude for the job, Michelle has now been promoted to Lead Ink Technician. She is now in charge of the department, organising the workflow and the two other members of staff within the department.