Basic SEO Tips: The Best Ways to Top Search Results
June 1, 2024

If you’re a company or organisation looking for exposure, search engine optimisation (SEO) should be one of your key priorities. In short, SEO is the process of improving traffic to your website and your organisation. Maintaining good SEO ensures that your company appears near the top of Internet search results, meaning potential customers searching for the services you provide are more likely to come across your company sooner.

You can do many things to ensure you appear consistently in search results, all of which will help you gain traffic and boost your organisation’s exposure, which we shall be covering in today’s blog.


Keywords are key

Sometimes you’ll need to boil your services down to the basics. What are the fundamental elements you provide? Are there any buzzwords associated with your organisation? Placing these buzzwords strategically in your website links or articles will mean that search engines will automatically latch onto these words and show your organisation in relevant search results. To avoid being repetitive, use synonyms of your buzzwords from time to time.


Keep updated

Updating your site with accurate information ensures that you’re getting relevant clicks. It’s all well and good getting visitors to your site, but if they’ve found their way to your site looking for a service you no longer provide, it’s a wasted click! Make sure you’re clear and concise in what services you provide.


Delete/improve irrelevant pages

If you have pages that are getting very little or no traffic, there’s a chance they may be irrelevant towards your organisation. Make sure you only have essential pages on your website, as any filler may clog up search results instead of the important pages.


Maintain quality site performance

In this day and age, people are going to come across your organisation in a variety of different formats, so you’ll want to make sure your website operates functionally through all of them. Be it on desktop or mobile, a well-functioning website will encourage repeat visits, meaning more traffic and better search engine results.


Ensure file/image relevancy

Every element of your website should be relevant to your organisation. Be it images or external links to other websites, the context of your website in relation to itself and others needs to be made clear. Naming files and images on your website with descriptive names instead of generic ones will contribute to the site’s positioning in both search and image results.


These are just a few basics of SEO. If you want to learn more or boost your search engine rankings but don’t know where to start, Buzz Studios can help. Our SEO services are designed to support the continued growth of your organisation. Elevate your online presence—contact Buzz Studios for a free SEO consultation today!