10 Stocking FIllers
December 1, 2020

Are you on the lookout for some fun stocking fillers? Our friendly elves have shared these top 10 ideas with us that will guarantee lots of extra smiles and Christmas spirit this festive season.


You can buy anyone a blanket, teddy bear, or a mug etc., but adding a personal touch is some way to make the gift extra special. Making the gift their own by adding their name or a special photo is unique and memorable, and it shows the gift was well thought out for them.


Know someone who likes to create things? From Christmas crafting kits and sticker books, to Play-Doh and stamps, there are hundreds of ways your kids can express a little festive creativity this Christmas!


Classic card games like Uno and Top Trumps will be a great edition for your kid’s stockings. It’s a great and inexpensive way to get the family involved in some competitive fun while the dinner is cooking!


With the kids attending school and college, stationery is a great, affordable gift idea that will also motivate their educational life. Through our choice of different colours, fonts, patterns, and images, stationery gifts are a great way to express style, personality, and creativity, and will easily fit into those stockings!


What do your children love? Do they have a passion for something? Stockings should be filled with small gifts that the children will appreciate and love, and what a better way to fill it than with gifts that relate to their favourite films, characters, singers etc.?


A fresh pair of socks is like a big, cosy hug for your feet, but they are such a common Christmas gift, aren’t they? Why don’t you take it up a notch by getting some unique and crazy sock sets for the kids! From animal-themed socks to ones designed like branded cereals, there’s plenty of opportunities to turn a simple stocking filler into something funny!


They look good, feel good and smell amazing! Turn your kids’ bathing routine into something much more exciting with a bath bomb that turns their water a different colour. Designed to make any bath time fun, no matter their age, make your child’s Christmas even better with a colourful and exciting bath bomb.


As well as providing fun for the whole family, doing a puzzle is an effective way to improve short-term memory and mental speed, which will be really beneficial for the kids as they grow up. From teaser puzzles to mini games, they are a great way to create a fun learning opportunity for your kids.


Because who doesn’t love chocolate and tasty goodies? Yummy!


Slippers make a great gift for kids because they are cosy, practical and thoughtful! They are even better when filled with little treats and gifts such as Christmas decorations, chocolates and smellies!


Given these uncertain circumstances, mini hand sanitisers are being sold everywhere at the moment and will make a great practical stocking filler for your kids and some even come in fun colourful holders!