Walk the Walk in the Great Outdoors
October 2, 2020

As we say a reluctant farewell to summer once more, it is so important to embrace autumn and rejoice in all that the new season brings. The warm spring and summer have delivered fabulous harvests, sun-kissed skin, great memories and now is the time to bask in all of this!

As the nights draw in though, it is natural to want to retreat under the blanket and snuggle up. It is good to listen to your body and rest when you need to though. Try not to push yourself too much, as you risk running yourself down, becoming overtired which can leave yourself vulnerable to catching colds or even the flu. Stress levels can run high at this time of year, so it is vital for your health and happiness to schedule some regular time out just for you. Escape to a park at lunchtime, enjoy a hot soak in the bath or simply shut your eyes for five minutes when you take a break.

Even though autumnal weather brings cooler temperatures, rain showers and windy days, don’t let this stop you. If the weather is not ideal, even the thought of going out can put you off but instead relish the thought of being outside! Remember, it’s not the weather that’s the issue, you just need the correct clothing! If it’s chilly, layer up, keep your neck warm, put on your cosy coat, wear gloves and grab a hat and snood to keep your head and ears warm. Even on a grey, cloudy day, you’ll still benefit from boosting your vitamin D levels, which helps to improve your immune system. Endeavour to go outside as often as possible and at least for a daily walk. Even if time is not on your side, a ten minute brisk walk will really help to maintain and improve your fitness levels. You will feel surprised at how much better you feel, invigorated, fresh-faced and happy, all from keeping your body moving.

Being outside is vital in keeping you connected with nature and the seasons. It helps you not only appreciate the season you are in but keeps your own body clock in check. Your senses will pick up the sounds of nature, birds singing and the stages the trees, hedgerows and flora are in their annual life cycle. These walks outside are so good at restoring harmony, contentment and harmonising your mind, body and soul. Walks give your mind the breathing space it needs to order your thoughts, helping you to plan the rest of the day and week ahead.

Walking is also very good for your posture and balance but make sure you walk well. Really try to feel the ground beneath you. When you walk, you should lead with your heel, roll through to the ball of your foot and then onto your big toe, smoothly transferring your body weight. Think about your standing posture when walking. Try not to look down, stay relaxed, balanced and aligned, with your tailbone tucked under, keeping your strides even and comfortable. Practising Pilates regularly helps build and keep your core strong, enabling you to have efficiency of movement when you walk. Pilates really helps you to manage the pressures of modern life, easing tension and induces much needed relaxation, leaving you refreshed, re-invigorated, re-aligned and ready for a restorative night’s sleep.