The Courtyard in St Ives
October 1, 2020

The Courtyard in St Ives – the town’s newest shopping experience has been a ‘Lockdown’ success.

I wanted to bring something completely new and different to the town. We opened on the 15th July and since then the footfall has been brilliant, our aim is to bring a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere to The Courtyard. Every stall sells different products, giving a really great mix of shops, it’s proving to be so popular, we now have a waiting list of people wanting to join us.

We can’t wait for Christmas, everywhere will be covered in fairy lights, making it a really magical experience for everyone and of course offering unique gifts to buy.

This unique collection of shops was the brainchild of Julie Taylor, a local business woman who has set up and run businesses in the area for many years. I popped in and spent a lovely hour chatting to Julie to find out more about The Courtyard and how it came about. Whilst I was there, I just had to try some of the amazing honey and jam available from Herriman’s Farm which were made with locally foraged ingredients.

Situated in Hyperion Auction House Courtyard, Julie decided that the courtyard which was being used as a storage area, could be put to better use. In May, Julie came up with the idea of renting storage containers to local artisans. An advert on social media to see if anyone would be interested in the idea received over 30 replies in a few hours. A definite and resounding yes!

Julie started with just three storage units, with ‘In Stitches’ being the first stall to open. She is still in the process of renovating the last few stalls for The Courtyard, which will bring the total number of stalls to 28, with a larger seating area also being added.

The Courtyard is a wonderful place to browse, grab a bite to eat or even a coffee from Lorenzo’s Italian coffee stall and with a waffle and crêpe stall coming soon, you can simply sit and watch the world pass you by before taking a look around the amazing stalls offering anything from vintage clothing, handmade cards, sewing essentials, to a picture framer, a florist and artists and much more.

This really is a must-visit destination when you’re in St Ives, what a great addition to our great town.

The Courtyard is open seven days a week 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday through Saturday and 10.00am – 4.00pm on Sundays