Stuffed Cinnamon Bun French Toast
October 1, 2022


• 1/2 cup whole milk
• 2 eggs
• 2 tbsp ground cinnamon
• 2 tbsp caster sugar
• 1tsp vanilla extract
• 3 slices of a brioche loaf, thick cut
• 100g full-fat cream cheese
• 2 tsp butter
• 1 tbsp maple syrup


1 Whisk the milk and eggs together in a bowl and stir in 1 tsp of the cinnamon.
2 Mix in the sugar and vanilla extract until combined.
3 Add the remaining cinnamon to the cream cheese and mix through.
4 With a shark knife, carefully cut a pocket into the middle of the top of each slice, going just less than half way down.
5 Using a spoon, gently push 1⁄4 of the cinnamon cream cheese mixture into each slice, leaving 1⁄4 left for the topping.
6 Dip the brioche into the egg and milk mix and let it soak for 30 seconds and place on a plate.
7 Melt the butter in a frying pan over a medium heat. Carefully place the stuffed slices into the pan and fry on each side for 2-3
minutes or until there’s a nice golden crust.
8 Stack on top of each other and top the stack with the rest of the cinnamon cream cheese, drizzle over the maple syrup and enjoy!