Interview with Danny Sharratt from Mitsa
December 1, 2022

by Nikki Lombardi

The print industry is constantly evolving, modernising and becoming more sustainable and efficient, a lot of businesses are not able to keep up and compete with the giant companies. Mitsa are staying ahead of the game, giving the service, quality and attention of a small company, with the speed and resources of a larger company.

This month we caught up with Danny Sharratt, Managing Director of Mitsa, to talk all things ‘print.’ Having grown up in St Ives, Danny is passionate about community, empowering local companies and insisting there is room for everyone at the table, and that we should all be looking out for each other when it comes to business. 

After being made redundant from his job selling medical lasers in 2001, Danny joined his dad in business originally specialising in giftware. It soon became apparent that the desire for printed products was where the company was naturally heading, the business took off from there and they moved into their current location back in 2012.

After talking with another company about them replacing their traditional screen printing machines with new wide format DTF printers, they realised the benefits they could also pass on to their own customers by investing in this new technology themselves, and so they did!

So, Danny, tell us a bit more about this game changing technology!:
D: We’re really excited to show off our new DTF printer, we’re now able to produce large film-printed runs of transfers, faster, more sustainably and even more efficiently. There’s very little waste, even the adhesive powder we use gets collected at the bottom and re-used for the next run. Once the transfer has been printed, the adhesive powder is applied and surplus shaken off, it’s then cured through 100°C heat and it’s ready to be stored or used instantly!

That’s brilliant news for smaller businesses also surely?
D: Exactly, the big benefit is that once printed, these transfers can be kept and be used on-demand. This means you don’t need to place large orders of finished products like hoodies, workwear and stationery. You can order what you need for now, and the transfers can be kept in storage and products ordered as and when you need more. Meaning your profits don’t need to be swallowed up in huge bulk orders, which helps everyone! 

Can smaller runs be done as well as larger ones?
D: Absolutely, if you want to do a small test run to see how your design looks, or just want a smaller amount in general, that’s no issue at all. This also means we can handle quick turnaround requests much easier, and get you set up with what you need ASAP.

Investing in such a state-of-the-art piece of kit, does that leave you vulnerable to any technology outage issues?
D: Not at all, one of the great things about working with this supplier, is that if the machine ever needs maintenance or repairs they are able to supply us with print support so you won’t notice any change in service and we’ll still be able to help you with your printing needs.

Who do you see benefiting most from the new DTF printer?
D: Honestly? Everyone. From hoodies, uniforms and stationery for schools and workplaces, to sportswear for teams and clubs, business 2 business needs and even larger promotional companies. Our robust and strong vinyl film feels almost part of the product, creating a cleaner, more professional look. This technology has created a lot of new opportunities such as transfers for curved items and printing an embroidery style that gives the quality look of an embroidered graphic – but with the wear and tear protection of print. We’ve only really touched the surface with what can be achieved, but we can’t wait to get the possibilities out there! 

How do you think this sets you apart from other print companies?
D: We really do believe in supporting all businesses, including other printing companies. If they need something printing that they can’t supply, but we can, then why wouldn’t we help them? A strong community really does help everyone. 

So, what is next for Mitsa?
D: We’re always looking at the next big ‘thing’, for now, we want to get what the R-Jet Prop can do out there, expand our product range and help as many businesses as possible. We’re also excited by the advancements in UV printing technology and the DTF’s sister machine does just that…so watch this space!