Going For Gold, Silver & Bronze
August 1, 2021

By Liz Reid – Core Factor Pilates

With the sporting excitement of the EUROS and Wimbledon recently, it’s a joy to finally welcome the Olympics and Paralympics 2020. Team GB is doing so well accumulating medals. It’s amazing to see the finest of athletes compete together on the world stage, hosted by the inspiring Tokyo.

Joseph Pilates was in awe of the original Roman Olympians and studied how they trained and developed their bodies to be the best they could be. Suffering ill-health as a child and bullied for his weakness, he was resolute and determined to make his body stronger and defined. He realised the power of regular exercise and developed a strong mental attitude towards fitness. Once he realised his potential and how it was possible to manipulate and enhance his physique, he was then steadfast in becoming a leading light to help to show others that it was possible to change your body, become healthier, fitter and ultimately be happier because of it.

The Olympic athletes competing from across the world have proved their abilities in being selected to compete for their countries, which in itself, is already a huge and major accomplishment. Many hours of hard work, both physically as well as mentally, have been invested and each athlete is driven by the desire to perform in their chosen sport. What is clear from each individual is that they are at the Olympics because they are so ultimately so passionate about their discipline and have a huge desire to compete with the very best in the world, all of course with the ambition to claim the prize; a revered accolade of a medal. Dreams of metallic glitter and wearing a medal around their necks have no doubt been with them every single step of the way on their journey to the Tokyo Olympic 2020 Games…

 to dream of being awarded a medal is so special, with their eyes on the ultimate prize of a gold. Silver and bronze are not exactly earned lightly, especially when the standard is so high amongst athletes that there is so often just a marginal difference between each medal won. 

Each competing athlete all share the same thing in common though; a strong core. Without a strong set of back, stomach, thighs and glute muscles, performing any sport well, let alone to Olympic standard, is going to be a challenge and so much harder. 

Having personally immensely enjoyed watching the MENS Synchronised 10M Diving on 26th July and witnessed the awesome competition, which saw TOM DALEY and MATTY LEE win GOLD, was just incredible. Such impressive and perfect form, with precise execution, was simply joyous. ADAM PEATY’s GOLD in the 100M breaststroke was so powerful and knowing he is unbeaten for 7 years in this race is just mind-blowing! Being an ex-gymnast, I have to mention my love for this sport too, 

is still with me and I so I love watching such high-level gymnastics. Congratulations to the entire TEAM GB and to all of you who are bringing home a medal. Just WOW! 

No matter what sports you love or do yourself, I hope that the Olympics and Paralympics inspire you to continue to enjoy your activities. Whatever you choose to do, remember to include Pilates as part of your training programme. If muscles become too over-developed and strong, flexibility, grace and control can be easily compromised. Both the mind and the body must be balanced to achieve the ultimate results. 

Work your body equally with your mind and build Pilates into your regular fitness regime. Go for Gold with CORE FACTOR PILATES, at VENUES and on ZOOM!