Gardening Gifts at Dobbies
December 1, 2022

by Kate and Len Lucas

Some gardeners really would like a statue of Dionysus (on a plinth of course) similar to the one in Vita Sackville-West’s garden at Sissinghurst. We would agree it would be charming and elegant, even sophisticated and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Let’s face it, most of our lives would be enriched by those three words: charming, elegant and sophisticated.

For those of you who might be wondering who Dionysus was, he featured as a nature god of fruitfulness and vegetation. That’s close to gardening, and he was also associated with wine and pleasure which we think is even more closely associated.

Most people today aren’t in a position to spend that sort of money in the garden for something that the local wood pigeons would happily make a mess on because that’s their only biological function especially if they can’t find a satellite dish rather than from their dislike of the classics. 

So we’ve sourced a great bunch of ideas that we know are practical, inexpensive, available almost anywhere and make the job of gardening easier. 

And for now we hope you can forgive us for leaving charm, elegance and sophistication until next year.   

Salad Leaves Collection
Not just lettuce and spring onions include rocket and coriander. We will have an article on growing salads and herbs next year.

Gardena Comfort Patio Weeder
Perfect for removing grass, moss and weeds from between paving stones. The GARDENA Comfort Patio Weeder is coated with DuroPlast to prevent rusting.

Garland Colander Trug
Collect up all your vegetables from the garden in the colander trug from Garland. This handy device allows you to wash your veggies fuss-free.

Kneelo® Kneeler – Navy
Memory Fioam, they also double up as a seat.

Haxnicks Waterproof Marker
Permanent pens are better than water soluble. Fear not, it’s even possible that the save the earth group use them so the slogans don’t get washed away.

Plant Labels 4”
For those pots that look as if they only have compost in them and you’ve forgotten what’s really in it.

Heritage 4 Arm Feeding Station
Hang up your feeders on a beautiful decorative station that will look fantastic in your garden and entice your garden birds to their feed

Aubergine Seed & Weed Gloves
We really mean light weight, not the kind that welders use.
Practical and colourful these large Seed and Weed Gloves are perfect for transplanting, weeding and doing other delicate tasks in the garden.

20PK 1.2m Pre-Bulk Bamboo Canes Gardman
For all those jobs that need a bamboo cane. These Grow It Bamboo Canes Bulk Bundle are a natural and great way to support potted plants or for using in beds and borders to create a sturdy growing frame.