Easter Mini Egg Cheesecake’s
April 1, 2021

Makes: 12 cheesecakes – By Megan Spavins

Biscuit Base
200g digestive biscuits
100g melted butter (unsalted preferably)
Cheesecake Filling
320g full-fat soft cream cheese
50g icing sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
150ml double cream
1 bag of Mini Eggs (crushed or cut in half)
Chocolate buttons
Grated chocolate
1/2 bag of Mini Eggs

1. For the biscuit base, blitz the digestives in a food processor and mix the melted butter into the blended biscuits.
2. We recommend using a 12 hole muffin tray for this bit and maybe lining them with clingfilm for easy removal. Portion the biscuit mixture across the muffin tray, then press down firmly with a spoon. Put this to one side.
3. Mix together the full-fat soft cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla extract until smooth.
4. Pour the double cream gradually into the cream cheese mixture and mix for a minute or so until smooth.
6. Fold through the crushed Mini Eggs until evenly spread throughout the mixture.
7. Carefully spoon the mixture between the chocolate moulds and smooth over with a spoon.
8. Set the cheesecakes in the fridge overnight, or the freezer for 2-3 hours.
9. After this time, you can carefully remove the cheesecakes from the tins and decorate how you like! We cut chocolate buttons in half to represent bunny ears, and placed 3 Mini Eggs on each cheesecake so it looks like a nest!