Bright’s best ways to budget this Christmas
December 1, 2020

By Bright Advice

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and this year is certainly no exception! 2020 has been a year like no other, so a Christmas full of love, food and festivities is just what we all need right? Here’s to hoping that is what we get! (all fingers and toes crossed).

However, despite the magic that Christmas brings, so many of us find ourselves facing hefty bills and money worries come the new year, and suddenly that ‘oh well, it’s Christmas!’ approach doesn’t seem like such a good idea after all. This month, Bright want to share some top tips to banish those January blues, whilst making sure Christmas is still full of festive cheer.


This may sound obvious but planning ahead and working out how much you can actually afford is the best place to start if you’re trying to save some pennies this Christmas. Doing this in advance will mean you can save funds versus borrowing from credit cards and loans – which is always the better option.

Top Tip: Don’t do your Christmas food shopping when you’re hungry as it may tip you over budget!

Obligatory Gifting

It is so easy to get carried away with presents. So much so that we can lose touch of what Christmas is really about. Once we start present purchasing, it can be hard to stop and suddenly your auntie’s neighbours neighbour is in line for a present. So, this year let’s ban obligatory gifting! Stick to a strict list and try not to deviate.

It can be easy to forget that buying people presents can unconsciously pressure the return of a gift, whether someone can afford it or not – so why don’t you save everyone some money this year?!

Top Tip: One gift that is usually worth thinking about is a board game. It can bring hours of entertainment for everyone at Christmas, whilst reminding us what the time is really about.

Donate This Christmas

If you’re struggling on what to buy for a certain someone, why not help a charity on their behalf? From adopting an animal, to funding a life-saving vaccine, there are many fantastic causes that would be so appreciative of a donation, however much you can afford.

Top Tip: Use Google to search the many charities and causes that would benefit from your generosity this Christmas.

Haven’t used it in a year? Sell it

There is never a bad time for a clear-out, and the lead up to the big day is no exception. If you haven’t used something since last Christmas, the chances are you won’t need to use it again, so why not stick it on ‘Ebay’ or ‘Facebook Marketplace’ for someone else to enjoy? Not only will this create more space for the chaos and gifts that Christmas brings, but it also means your money will go further when it comes to your festive budget.

Top Tip: Talking of re-gifting and re-using – why not put all those leftovers to good use and set up a family ‘Ready Steady Cook’ for the days after Christmas! Some economic fun for all to enjoy

Ditch the Labels

It is a common misconception that spending extra cash on well-known food labels guarantees that it will taste better. Blind taste tests have shown that more often than not, there isn’t a direct correlation, and in a lot of cases it’s the more affordable alternatives that win the race! With this in mind, doing some research in advance can help you to cut the cost without compromising on flavour.

This can also be said for gifts too – why not try purchasing from both local and small business’ this year? Websites such as ‘Etsy’ and ‘Not on the High Street’ have an array of thoughtful and varied gifts for everyone to enjoy, and after the year that small business’ have had, they will truly appreciate your custom too.

Top Tip: When purchasing from small business, make sure you check on the delivery times, as these can sometimes be longer than the bigger suppliers.