Blackened Salmon Tacos
June 1, 2022


• 4 Salmon fillets
(approx 125g each)
• Cajun spice
• 12 small soft tortillas
• Lettuce
• Red onion
• Mayonnaise/sour cream
• Sriracha sauce
• Sweetcorn
• Lime juice


• Cover the entire flesh side in a good layer of Cajun spice (don’t be shy)
• Heat a little oil in a pan until hot, place the fish flesh side down
in the pan and reduce heat to medium
• Cook for four minutes and then turn over to skin side down. Cook for a further three minutes
• Remove from pan and separate salmon and skin and flake the fish into small pieces
• Stack the three tortillas on a plate as per the picture and fill with all the ingredients to taste
depending on how hot you like your tacos, we recommend finishing the tacos off with a
squeeze of lime juice for a bit of zing!
Extra tip: You can fry the skin once the salmon has been removed until crispy and then
crumble over each taco!