Autumnal Leaves and Changing Times 
October 1, 2022

By Liz Reid – Core Factor Pilates

Well, we’ve said goodbye to the long hot summer and the drought has ended. Grass, plants and trees are slowly recovering but after such a dry year so far, the lack of rain has been a concern for the farmers and gardeners.

With the changing of the season, we too as a nation, have experienced so much change too. With a new Prime Minister, albeit unelected by the public, our dear Queen Elizabeth II passing, Charles III becoming King and witnessing monarchy history unfold, it really has been quite saddening and changing times.

However, as with all change, it’s so important to stay positive, be thankful for the Queen’s long life and reign, embracing the stability that the Monarchy provides and be hopeful for a good future.

The new season brings change personally to us all as we enjoy the fruits of summer and prepare for winter. Autumn often presents new opportunities and sparks enthusiasm to try new things. It’s a time to start a new course, take up a new hobby or exercise class. With changing times it’s important to still look after your own health, ensuring that you get sufficient sleep and if you do miss out on Zzzs, then catch up when you can by getting an early night or having a lay in when time allows.

Exercise is a great way to manage stress during changing times. Maintaining the right mindset is so critical. Keep your mind open and be flexible, this will help you deal with life’s challenges and curbed balls. When you’re busy, it’s all so very easy to put exercise on the back burner and convince yourself that you simply don’t have any time for exercise.

However, do you really not have enough time for exercise? You have time to shower, to eat breakfast, to sit down to watch TV, you definitely do!

Firstly, if you use an actual physical pad or notebook and write down the days of each month

1, 2, 3, 4, all the way to 28, 30 or 31 as a list. 

Then decide how much structured exercise you want to do each week. So, factor in 3 sessions of cardio a week at say 15 minutes each, it’s a huge start. Now cardio can be a brisk walk. It doesn’t have to be a formal exercise class.

Try and note something down for each day. Include walking your dog or doing the school run (if it’s a walk!) You’ll be surprised how much you’re doing.

If you wear a fitness tracker, record your steps on the notepad too. Seeing them written down as opposed to looking at them on your phone, will make you feel very accomplished. Write a tick against each day you do some exercise.

If you’re already doing a formal exercise class, write that in as well. Look at your schedule and see if you can build in another structured weekly exercise session. Perhaps a fitness video, a local venue class or Zoom class you can join to boost your exercise regime?

The important thing is to also take small steps and make little changes to improve your overall well-being. As your body improves, your mind will become clearer, so you can think through problems and make better decisions.

Remember that you are responsible for your own fitness and you have the power to make great changes. Do include non-cardio exercise such as exercise which includes mindful breathing. Yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and Pilates will hugely help balance both your body and your mind. It’s not all about cardio!

So, this autumn, make some positive changes to your fitness and set yourself up ready for a healthy winter. Now’s the time!