10 Reasons to Love Cambridge
January 1, 2020

Cambridgeshire is a beautiful county – full of history, community, and breath-taking scenery. We’re going to kick off this year with an optimistic perspective of the county’s towns and villages. Here are 10 reasons to love Cambridgeshire…


From the historical landmarks in the cities to the local churches and housing estates in the towns and villages, Cambridgeshire’s architecture is truly stunning. Bursting with history, the design and construction of the towns’ features span many different centuries, patterns and styles. Every year, tourists embrace the picturesque cities, cobbled streets and historical attractions that are unique to anywhere else – the King’s College Chapel, Fitzwilliam Museum, Ely Cathedral, Oliver Cromwell’s House, St Ives Bridge, The Manor etc. We love Cambridgeshire’s unique concrete scenery.


If you love dog-walking, cycling, and exploring nature, you will love Cambridgeshire. This county boasts more than 30 nature reserves, as well as walking routes and parks with breath-taking scenes of our rivers and wildlife. With bustling cities like Cambridge and lively towns like St Ives, the great outdoors is the best way to escape from the crowds.

With winter in full swing, the frost and mist can make nature look like a winter wonderland! It’s the perfect time of the year to take a walk around Paxton Pits, Fen Drayton Lakes, Grafham Water or Trumpington Meadows etc.


One thing the Cambridgeshire community can agree on – the local pubs are exceptionally cosy and perfect for socialising, family time and celebrating. From beer gardens to dog-friendly boozers, Cambridgeshire’s lively towns, villages and cities are filled with pubs and cocktail bars that can date back all the way to the 15th Century.
Additionally, our pubs are always filled with live music, pool tables, football-crazed fans and families enjoying the amazing atmosphere you couldn’t feel anywhere else!


We are very lucky to live alongside 3 beautiful rivers in Cambridgeshire – The Great Ouse, River Nene and the Cam. All can be enjoyed either off or on the water – enjoy fabulous walks along the banks, leisure parks such as Ferry Meadows or indeed on the river, boating or why not take out a famous Cambridge punt – you can also explore the pretty towns and villages that follow the rivers’ paths.

There is also a huge array of wildlife that lives alongside the river bank which can also be enjoyed.


The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge is a real must to visit – an amazing collection of artefacts and paintings from across the world and of course Cambridge boasts a host of specialised museums to suit all interests.

Oliver Cromwell is a famous patron from Cambridgeshire, with museums and places of interest in Huntingdon, Ely and St Ives.

As a farming county – there are some great rural museums featuring life in times past.


A real jewel in the Cambridgeshire countryside, this beautiful Georgian country house, Cambridgeshire’s largest, sits on acres of stunning parkland great for walking. The house has some stunning rooms to wander through, and offers a fascinating glimpse into life below stairs, with a re-enactment of what life was like as a servant at the Hall.
A visit to Home Farm is a must, to see the Shire horses, rare breed pigs, sheep and cattle as well as visit the adventure playground.


What an amazing eclectic mix of restaurants Cambridge has to offer – we really are so lucky to be in an area that you literally choose anything to eat. There are too many great places to mention – cafes, pop-ups, street food vans and restaurants.

It’s fun to just wander the beautiful streets of the city to see what you come across – a few of our favourites are Navadhanya, Indian food, the Oak Bistro, the Architect, Doppleganger Burger, Vegan. And don’t miss a visit to Mill Road if you want a real taste of the exotic – this street is a real foodies heaven.


Cambridge’s biggest attraction is the University – the colleges around the city are some of the oldest buildings in the country, with Peterhouse College dating back to 1284.

The history that is attributed to the colleges is incredible and of course, you have to be the best of the bunch to be able to study at the University, with very high entry standards. This of course has attracted some of the most incredible minds – Professor Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin and Alan Turing are a few amongst the thousands of alumni that have touched all of our lives.


Many towns in the area still have thriving markets, there are award-winning farmers’ markets in Ely and St Ives – along with weekly local markets.

Cambridge has a few great markets, with the main one being on the Market Square in the heart of the city – you will find a real mix of fruit and veg, cheese and meat stalls, many have been trading for many years. As well as now street food stalls and artisan and tourist stalls, there’s a real mix of things to browse and buy. There’s also the weekly Arts and Crafts Market on Trumpington Street, a great place to mooch and have a cuppa.


Always something to do! Great cinemas, escape rooms, horse racing, punting, zoos, museums, sightseeing, cycling, walking and parks….you’ll never be bored in Cambridgeshire.